Why we do what we do

The opportunity to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials has never been greater or more important. Regulatory, commercial and complexity pressures are forcing Sponsors and CROs to re-think the way they manage trial quality and risk.

How we do it

We understand clinical trials, the people who run them, and the importance of fit for purpose tools and processes. We’ve used that knowledge to develop unique technology and services from the ground up, to transform the way in which trials will be run in the future.

What we do

We take time and care listening to and communicating with our customers. Only then can we make technology and service recommendations that are easy to understand and use every day to improve trials.

What we do

Technology: OPRA, our cloud-based platform, gives you early identification of risks and trends, enabling you to monitor and manage them right from the start of your trial.

What we do

Services: Tools to quickly make you R2 compliant and implement risk-based monitoring. Flexible training packages - all designed and delivered by clinical trial experts.


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It’s all about you

It’s a fact. Your trial is unique.  While it may have characteristics similar to other studies, by definition there has to be features that are unique to your trial, not least the patients, sites, timing and protocol.  That’s why you can’t commoditise trial quality.

Traditional monitoring practices are poor at identifying quality issues. Over 10% of failed submissions are due to data quality or integrity.  What if you could design trial quality in right from the start? And what if you could continue to manage that quality to drive your trial to a successful conclusion?

Well now you can.  We can help you design the optimal data for your clinical trial, guiding you through the centralized monitoring process to ensure your trial is fully R2 compliant. We provide the tools, training and support you need to identify and address risk early, saving you time and money, but more importantly, ensuring data quality, operational efficiency and patient safety.

Our approach is different.  It’s focused on what’s important to your trial. It’s practical and it’s operational. Our platform helps you quickly identify areas of quality risk and the likely causes of that risk, enabling you to manage that risk early. We don’t believe in meaningless statistics and data visualisation. In a world of big data, it’s still people that have to make decisions. Let us guide you to the right ones. 

TRI – Custom trials by data design. Get in touch today to see how we can help your trial.


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