Test your R2 Knowledge Quiz

Take the quiz to help us determine the best way to service you.

1) Why does R2 exist?
2) Which of these choices are true?
3) At what date does Canada require ICH E6 Revision 2 compliance?
4) The addendum facilitates innovative approaches to clinical trials including:
5) The three important sections the addendum addresses are:
6) "Quality" in a clinical trial means:
7) When your firm has been non-compliance with the protocol, SOPs, GCP, and/or applicable regulations, what would you do:
8) With regards to the record keeping, source data should be:
9) Who is responsible for complying with R2?
10) One of the most common GCP inspection findings reported is in the following category:
11) Top inspection findings per sub-category is:
12) For ongoing trials, when is it appropriate to implementation R2 standards: