Tammy Finnigan speaking at SCOPE Europe 2019 – Are you going?

Tammy Finnigan, TRI COO will be speaking at SCOPE Europe in September.

Speaking on the first day in the Risk-Based Monitoring strand, she’ll sharing her knowledge and insights on critical topics such as: risk-based monitoring in E6 and E8; the impact RBM has on the changing role of the CRA; and industry collaboration around risks.

We’ll be on booth 28 (near the food and drinks 🙂 ) so come and get a personalised demo of our new Risk Assessment and Risk Management tool. Based on the E6 end-to-end quality process, it brings huge benefits to your trial risks, including:

  • Identify and score potential risks, learning lessons from other trials with our built-in “Risk Library”
  • Assess your overall trial risk profile – do you have too many Red risks?
  • Link to Centralized Monitoring for improved Data Quality Management
  • Spot and study risk trends over time – are they getting better or worse?
  • Record and manage risks as new information becomes available or quality tolerance limits are breached
  • Quickly and easily share risks and actions across teams, trials, countries and sites.
  • Produce a full audit trail of the decisions taken, and importantly, who did what, when and why and the outcomes as a result of those decisions

Contact jo.gower@tritrials.com to book a meeting with the team.  Looking forward to seeing you there.