Risk-based monitoring poll #2

Again, we want to say thank you for all those who attended and the very positive feedback we’ve had since the webinar.

We asked you where the key challenges in implementing RBM are.  It should be noted that we allowed the respondents pick more than one challenge if they wanted to.

The results are shown below:

  • Knowing where to start – 6%
  • Understanding the impact on operational process – 25%
  • Choosing the right technology – 31% 
  • Proving quality oversight to regulators – 0% 
  • Change management and training – 39% 

It is clear from the poll, that getting started is no longer the challenge we were hearing it was a year ago. That point is reflected in the first poll, where we see so many companies now in pilots.

Product selection and dealing with the operational side of RBM is now where we need to focus. We hope the webinar started to address that, and will be doing more to address it over the coming months. Watch this space!