Central Monitoring made simple and operational – Free Webinar 1st November

45% of failed trial submissions are due to data quality. What if you could reduce that risk? What if you could reduce the error rate in critical data by 400% compared to 100% SDV?  What if you could reduce the number of missing pages by 45%?  What if you could increase Action Item closure by 47%?  What if you could create cost savings of up to 20%?  What impact would that have on you and your studies?

Central Monitoring is the answer, so why then do so many companies find it hard to implement?  Is your Central Monitoring Process too complex?  Too many people involved?  Using old tools and processes? What if you could simplify the Central Monitoring process?  What if you could make it easy to operationalize?  What impact would it have on you and your studies?

Join our free webinar to find out for yourself.

Thursday 1st  November; 3pm GMT / 11am EDT

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