Risk-Based Monitoring Change Management

Risk-Based Monitoring Change Management

The adoption of Risk-based monitoring for most organisations is a considerable change management challenge. The image above is just a starting indication of the considerations that need to be made. TRI are experts in both change management programs and risk-based monitoring, and are actively engaged in supporting both Pharma and CROs in the adoption of risk-based monitoring. Let us ensure the success of your risk-based monitoring change management program.

Our change management methodology

TRI have a well defined, field proven CM methodology. We use the methodology to assess change readiness, to establish current progress and ultimately to build a clear, pragmatic change plan for your organisation.

Our methodology covers both the “driving factors” of developing and implementing your risk-based monitoring processes and technology, as well as the “releasing factors” of breaking old habits, changing approaches and role and ultimately moving away from a traditional monitoring environment.

How would we work with you?

At TRI we view every customer as a unique entity. Whilst we have pre-developed assets which we use to accelerate and reduce the cost of your project, how we use those assets will depend on your specific needs.

We start by walking you through our change management methodology and mapping your current progress. From here we are able to quickly develop a tailor made change management plan. At this point it is up to you as to how much you manage and how much TRI manage. Out typical model is to work in a blended team with our customers, ensuring cost efficiency and knowledge transfer during the course of the project.